Recruitment Information – Associate Researcher Huang Baijing is looking for one postdoctoral researcher​

▊ Postdoctoral researcher​
Huang Baijing Associate Researcher Laboratory, National Institute of Environmental Medicine
【Work content】

  1. Businesses related to the implementation of research projects
    ​ 2. Domestic and foreign research literature collection, data analysis, project report writing and thesis writing.
  2. Handle general affairs such as planning work meetings and related administrative integration

【Application conditions】

  1. Education: Environmental Medicine/Occupational Medicine/Public Health/Environmental Engineering/Biological System/Influenza and other related disciplines, university or master degree or above
  2. Familiar with SAS, SPSS, R and other statistical software operation techniques
  3. Those with positive work attitude, high pressure resistance and stability, good work attitude and high teamwork cooperation

【Title category】Full-time postdoctoral researcher​

【Working Location】Zhunan Campus of National Institutes of Health​

【Start work date】From August 2011​

【Work Treatment】According to the relevant regulations of the Court​

【Contact information】Ms. Zhang ext. 38511​

【Other application methods and remarks】​

  1. Attach your resume and a photocopy of the graduation certificate of the highest degree
  2. Books, publications and other relevant certificates or favorable review documents
  3. Those who meet the conditions will be invited to interview, those who do not meet the requirements will not be returned and will not be replied by letter.


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