Adjunct Faculty

Position TitleNameAcademic DegreeSpecialties
ProfessorI-Fang MaoPh.D., National Taiwan University 1. Environmental health  2. Occupational health & safety
ProfessorTrong-Neng WuPh.D., Kaohsiung Medical University 1. Occupational health   2. Public health   3. Infectious diseases control
ProfessorPin-Pin LinPh.D., University of Michigan 1. Chemical carcinogenesis   2. Environmental risk factors for lung cancer   3. Safety assessment for nanomaterials 
Associate ProfessorWei-Fong KaoPh.D., National Yang-Ming University 1. Emergency medicine/high altitude medicine/wilderness medicine  2. Emergency toxicology  3. Emergency medical services at mass gatherings/telemedicine
Associate ProfessorJohn G. Y. YangPh.D., Columbia University 1. Environmental epidemiology
Associate ProfessorStephen S. H. ShenPh.D., National Taiwan University 1. Chemical engineering
Associate ProfessorCheng-Hsiung WangB.Sc., Chung Hsing University  1. Vector control
Associate ProfessorI-Jen WangPh.D., National Taiwan University 1. Chemicals and children health  2. Environmental factors and allergic diseases  3. Gene and environment interaction
Assistant ProfessorLi-Ching TsengB.Sc., Emporia State University  1. Industrial hygiene  2. Occupational medicine
Associate ProfessorYu-Fang HuangPh.D., National Yang-Ming University 1. Biological monitoring  2. Risk assessment of environmental and occupational toxicants
LecturerMing-Ling WuMS., National Taiwan University  1. Clinical toxicology  2. Environmental & occupational medicine, internal medicine 
LecturerChun-Chi LinMS., National Yang Ming University 1. Environmental health  2. Occupational health  3. Clinical toxicology